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良性前列腺增生症(英語:Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia,BPH)俗稱前列腺肥大症或攝護腺肥大,以前列腺中葉增生為實質改變而引起的一組症候群,良性前列腺增生症是屬於男性常見的疾病。[1]




由於排尿常排不乾淨,容易併發細菌性膀胱炎、膀胱結石(bladder stone)、尿瀦留等,嚴重者會導致腎積水(hydronephrosis)乃至腎功能不全。此外因前列腺體增大,其血流量也相對增加,患者可能出現無痛性血尿。


經肛門指診(digital rectal examination)是醫師用手指經由肛門觸診前列腺,可得知約略大小、有無硬塊或膿瘍等病灶。同時可利用前列腺按摩取得前列腺按出液供醫師進一步檢驗。



經直腸超音波(TRUS, transrectal ultrasound)能精確測定前列腺長、寬、深和體積等參數,對於異常的病灶可用管針切片法(core needle biopsy)切取組織供病理檢查。

科學+家 “前列研究”

  • 追蹤攝護腺體積
  • 關心會否减少攝護腺增大
  • 重視泌尿系統狀況和流量
  • 監督能否抑制肥大發展
  • 關注减少刺激和潜在的惡性生長
  • 留意組織鋅、血漿鋅水准


  • 异豆香脂素二葡萄糖苷
  • 植物木脂素
  • 植物固醇
  • 類胡蘿蔔素
  • 及其他複合物

80 膠囊/瓶

建議使用:每次服用1-3粒,進食前1小時服用(空腹), 每日2次。


原產地: 中國香港

Benign Hyperplasia Of Prostate

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is commonly known as prostatic hypertrophy or prostate hypertrophy. It is a group of symptoms caused by hyperplasia of the middle lobe of the prostate as a substantial change. BPH is a common disease in men. [1]


The onset of BPH is hidden and slow, and most patients cannot recall the exact onset time; The diagnosis is made only when the patient is often treated for acute urinary retention, obvious slow urinary rheology and other reasons; Or prostate hyperplasia was found during routine physical examination. Common symptoms can be divided into two categories: obstructive symptoms: such as small urine flow, poor urination, drips after urination, intermittent urine column, and the need to use force to urinate; Irritating symptoms: including frequent urination (wanting to urinate less than two hours after urination), urgency to urinate (strong sense of urination, even unable to hold it), nocturia, etc.


Due to poor urination, bacterial cystitis, bladder stones, and urinary retention are easy to occur, which can lead to hydronephrosis and even renal insufficiency in severe cases. In addition, because the prostate gland is enlarged, its blood flow is also relatively increased, and the patient may have painless hematuria.


Digital rectal examination refers to that doctors use their fingers to palpate the prostate through the anus, and can know the approximate size, whether there is a hard lump or abscess and other lesions. At the same time, prostate massage can be used to obtain prostate fluid for further examination by doctors.

Prostate specific antigen is a specific protein of prostate tissue. There is no such substance in women. The normal value of prostate specific antigen in male blood is not higher than 4 ng/ml. If the prostate is inflamed or has cancer lesions, its value may increase, so it can be used to screen for prostate cancer [2].

The volume of prostate in patients with BPH is not in direct proportion to the change of maximum urinary flow rate. The decrease of urinary flow rate is not related to the upper and lower diameters of the prostate, but is closely related to the calculated value of the prostate, that is, the ratio of the square of the anterior and posterior diameters of the prostate to the transverse diameter of the prostate. Use the B-mode ultrasonic linear array probe to measure the anterior posterior diameter and the transverse diameter of the prostate through the abdominal wall, and fill the value in mm into the calculation formula of prostate calculated value, when the calculated value is greater than 24.5; The maximum urinary flow rate is mostly abnormal.

Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) can accurately measure the length, width, depth and volume of the prostate. For abnormal lesions, the core needle biopsy method can be used to cut tissues for pathological examination.


  • Tracking prostate volume
  • Concerned about reducing prostate enlargement
  • Pay attention to the status and flow of urinary system
  • Who supervision can inhibit the development of hypertrophy
  • Focus on reducing irritation and potential malignant growth
  • Pay attention to the levels of tissue zinc and plasma zinc

Main Ingredients:

Secoisolaricirinol diglucoside, (R,R)-Secoisolariciresinol, Diglucoside, Phytosterol, Psi carotene carotenoids, And other compounds

80 capsules/bottle

Suggested Use: Take 1 to 3 capsules each time, 2 times daily on empty stomach ie 1 hour before food.

Caution: Not suitable for teenagers.

Origin: Hong Kong, China

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