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由於科學+家與正規的體檢機構達成全年的協議,所以可以以極優惠價格提供予我們的客人; 而若客人有相熟的正規體檢機構能以相同甚或更便宜的價格完成以下檢測內容,亦無任歡迎的。


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超聲(USG)量測肝臟長度、膽囊壁厚度(GBWT)、下腔靜脈(IVC)、門靜脈(PV)和胰腺的直徑在診斷肝膽胰疾病中是有價值和可靠的。 本研究旨在確定肝臟長度、GBWT、下腔靜脈和PV的AP直徑、胰頭和胰體的AP直徑的正常值。肝臟、膽道系統和胰腺USG報告正常的受試者被描述為正常人,而患有肝膽疾病如脂肪肝、肝囊腫、血管瘤、肝硬化、膽囊壁增厚、急性膽囊炎、膽結石,息肉被記錄為异常。

  • 檢測肝功能障礙
  • 評估肝損傷的嚴重程度
  • 監測肝病病程和治療反應

篩選肝臟疾病最有用的實驗室試驗是血清氨基轉移酶(最常用的肝臟試驗)、膽紅素和鹼性磷酸酶。 某些生化异常模式有助於區分肝細胞損傷和膽汁排泄受損(膽汁淤積見錶2實驗室檢查异常的常見模式)。 檢測病毒性肝炎、肝臟炎症或免疫調節改變的試驗包括肝炎血清學試驗和免疫球蛋白、抗體和自身抗體的量測。

一些實驗室測試本身就是診斷性的; 這些措施包括:
  • 急性甲型肝炎的甲型肝炎病毒IgM抗體(抗HAV)
  • 急性和/或慢性乙型肝炎的乙型肝炎表面抗原(HBsAg)
  • 急性和/或慢性丙型肝炎的丙型肝炎病毒抗體(抗-HCV)和HCV-RNA
  • 原發性膽汁性膽管炎(以前稱為原發性膽汁性肝硬化)的抗線粒體抗體
  • 威爾遜病患者血清銅藍蛋白(降低)和尿銅(升高)
  • 血清α-1抗胰蛋白酶水准和α-1抗胰蛋白酶缺乏症的基因檢測
  • 甲胎蛋白治療肝細胞癌

If you have any disease, please follow your doctor's complete medical plan. You must consult the attending doctor before using the multidisciplinary rehabilitation plan. If your attending doctor does not recommend you to join the supplement conditioning combination, please do not use it. If you need to seek second opinion from other doctors, you can contact our online "Doctors Without Borders", or another professional doctor in your own city.

Due to the annual agreement between Scientist Home and formal medical institutions, it can be provided to our guests at a very favorable price; And if the guest has a familiar regular physical examination institution, the following tests can be completed at the same or even cheaper price, also welcome.

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Details of liver and gallbladder test items

Examination of liver and gallbladder

Ultrasonic examination

Ultrasound (USG) measurement of liver length, gallbladder wall thickness (GBWT), inferior vena cava (IVC), portal vein (PV) and pancreas diameter is valuable and reliable in the diagnosis of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases. The purpose of this study was to determine the normal values of liver length, AP diameter of GBWT, inferior vena cava and PV, and AP diameter of pancreatic head and body. Subjects with normal liver, biliary system and pancreas USG were described as normal, while patients with hepatobiliary diseases such as fatty liver, liver cyst, hemangioma, liver cirrhosis, gallbladder wall thickening, acute cholecystitis, gallstones and polyps were recorded as abnormalities.

Laboratory testing
  • Detection of liver dysfunction
  • Assess the severity of liver injury
  • The course of liver disease and treatment response were monitored
The most useful laboratory tests for screening liver diseases are serum aminotransferase (the most commonly used liver test), bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase. Some patterns of biochemical abnormalities help to distinguish between hepatocyte injury and impaired bile excretion (cholestasis is shown in Table 2. Common patterns of laboratory abnormalities). Tests to detect viral hepatitis, liver inflammation or immune regulatory changes include hepatitis serological test and measurement of immunoglobulin, antibody and autoantibody.

Some laboratory tests are diagnostic in themselves; These measures include:

  • Hepatitis A virus IgM antibody (anti HAV) for acute hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) of acute and / or chronic hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C virus antibody (anti HCV) and HCV-RNA in acute and / or chronic hepatitis C
  • Anti mitochondrial antibodies in primary biliary cholangitis (formerly known as primary biliary cirrhosis)
  • Serum ceruloplasmin (decreased) and urinary copper (increased) in patients with Wilson's disease
  • serum α- 1 antitrypsin level and α- Gene detection of antitrypsin deficiency
  • Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with alpha fetoprotein
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