腹部脂肪溶解 | Abdominal Lipolysis

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腹部脂肪溶解(瘦腰) 顯著進程:約2-4個月



  • 藥物及其他醫療方案,請遵從醫生建議
  • 飲食營養請依營養師指引
  • 運動及或心理輔導,請參考各專家建議
  • 為免錯誤診斷及漏診,請上傳最近一個月醫院的專業診斷報告


  • 多囊卵巢綜合征(PCOS)引起的肥胖
  • 藥物引起的水腫(例如類固醇)
  • 對該組合的成份有過敏
  • 胃潰瘍

腹部脂肪溶解(瘦腰)組合: (1個月試用份量)

  1. 醇脂膽酸 X3
  2. 螯合研究 X2
  3. 酶素研究 X1
  4. 參碱蜂膠液 X3


  • 每天稍快步行活動量不少於8000步,輕微出汗較理想
  • 戒夜宵習慣
  • 女士耍戒食高雌激素食物儘量不要吃
  • 早睡早起,不要熬夜


  • 高雌激素食物: 雞皮、雞翅膀、雞油、魚生刺身、魚子、燕窩、雪蛤膏、當歸、牛奶等等
  • 甜味飲料儘量不要喝
  • 碳水化合物、高脂食物適量減少(30%-50%)


  • 本品為營養補充品,不能代替藥物。
  • 懷孕或哺乳期女士、嬰幼兒,請不要食用本品。
  • 如不瞭解問題原因或問題持續,請儘快諮詢醫生。

If you have this disease, please follow your doctor's complete medical plan; Before using the multidisciplinary rehabilitation program, you must consult the attending doctor. If your attending doctor does not recommend you to join the supplement conditioning combination, please do not use it. If you need to seek a second consultation from another doctor, you can contact our online doctor without borders. Or another professional doctor in your own city.

Abdominal lipolysis (thin waist) Significant progress: about 2-4 months

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is associated with increased cardiovascular disease, cancer and all-cause mortality [1]. Although BMI is now considered as a clinical or epidemiological tool to assess cardiovascular risk in primary and secondary prevention, some studies still show that BMI is not a good predictor of mortality risk [2,3]. Obesity related comorbidities are more closely related to abdominal obesity and visceral fat accumulation than to the amount of body fat [4]. VAI in the general population can be used as a marker indirectly reflecting the risk of cardiac metabolism [5,6].

Rehabilitation combination of multi-disciplinary scientific research certificate:

  • Please follow your doctor's advice on drugs and other medical options
  • Please follow the dietitian's guidelines for diet and nutrition
  • For sports and or psychological counseling, please refer to the suggestions of experts
  • To avoid misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, please upload the professional diagnosis report of the hospital in the latest month

Not suitable for use:

  • Obesity caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Drug induced edema (e.g. steroids)
  • Allergic to the ingredients of the combination
  • Gastric ulcer

Abdominal lipolysis (lean waist) combination: (Trial portion for 1 month)

Life cooperation:

  • The daily walking activity is not less than 8000 steps, and slight sweating is ideal
  • Quit the night snack habit
  • Women try not to eat high estrogen foods
  • Go to bed early and get up early. Don't stay up late

Dietary abstinence:

  • High estrogen foods: chicken skin, chicken wings, chicken oil, sashimi, roe, bird's nest, snow clam paste, Angelica sinensis, milk, etc
  • Try not to drink sweet drinks
  • Carbohydrates and high-fat foods decreased moderately (30% - 50%)

Warm Reminder:

  • This product is a nutritional supplement and cannot replace drugs.
  • Pregnant or lactating women, infants and young children, please do not eat this product.
  • If you do not know the cause of the problem or the problem persists, please consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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本產品並非根據《藥劑業及毒藥條例》或《中醫藥條例》注册。 任何對其提出的索賠均不受此類登記評估的約束。 本產品不用於診斷、治療或預防任何疾病。

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