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Medical Goggles


1) Anti droplet, anti dust, anti splash, anti fog
2) Ultra light, super clear
3) Comfortable to wear, for the eyes and face
4) Large frame design, adjustable headband
5) Anti fall, heat & impact resistance
6) CE compliance
7) Goggles size 150 x 45×130 mm


Medical goggles are designed for functionality plus comfort, with the following characteristics:

  • Able to protect eyes from sand and splash in all directions with the 360 degree anti droplets feature.
  • Ultra light, hence not pressing the nose.
  • Made of high quality materials, with smooth frame surface.
  • Super clear and anti fog effect owing to the use of high transparency and high definition materials.
  • Large frame design is suitable for everyone and can be worn together with myopic glasses.


Caters for protection for medical use like hospital, community distancing or quarantine, cleaning, security force, pollutant treatment, etc. Effective in safeguarding against virus invasion.


  1. Composition: Protective shields made of polymer materials + fixing device. Disposable, non-sterile.
  2. Intended use: Protection against splash of fluid.
  3. Performance:
    a) Surface of protective shield is smooth, colorless and transparent without burr or sharp angle.
    b) Surface of lens is flat, smooth and free of scratches, ripples, bubbles, impurities or defects which may impair vision.
    c) Headband is elastic and easily adjustable.
    d) Fits your face well.
    e) Lens are made of anti-fogging materials; parts in contact with skin do not cause irritation.
    f) Visible light transmission of lens is not less than 90%.
    g) Anti fall performance for free falls from 1m in height onto hard surface.
    h) Lens and protective shield are able to withstand the impact of steel ball with diameter of 22mm and weight of 45g falling freely from a height of 1.3m.
    i) Insulated against heat, no deformation occurs if in contact with water 67°C±2°C for 3min.
  4. Precautions:
    a) Stop using if itchiness, rashes or blister condition is severe.
    b) Dispose of into waste bin after use.
  5. Use method: Tear the packaging bag, hang the band onto the ears and place goggles over your eyes.
  6. Storage: Temperature 0°C~45°C; relative humidity does not exceed 80%; clean and dry place with good ventilation and without corrosive gases.


EN 600:2001, EN ISO 4849:1981, EN ISO 4007:1977, EN ISO 4854:1981, EN ISO 4855:1981

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