Guang Wei Medical Surgical Mask (Antibacterial)

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Medical Surgical Mask (Antibacterial) 10 pcs


1) Bacterial filtration >95%
2) Particles filtration >86%
3) Titanium silver antibacterial & antiviral properties
4) 3-ply mask, with ear loop, non woven
5) Reusable but not for more than 4 days
6) CE certification
7) 10 pieces per pack
8) Standard: Q/GZWSW 12


Lab test results on 广微 Medical Surgical Mask showed the following:

1) Bacterial filtration rate was >95% after using for 4 consecutive days.
2) Bacterial residues on surface was far less than 100CFU/g for 3 days of repeated use.
3) Particles filtration rate was >86%.
4) Fulfills the medical surgical mask criteria, YY0469-2011, pharmaceutical industry standard.
5) Higher standard than the YY/T0969-2013 ordinary medical mask.
6) Performed better than KN95 for 4 consecutive days of use.

CE certification with the European standard EN 149:2001 FFP2 level.

Medical surgical mask is used in operating rooms or environments requiring fluid resistance. Filtration requirements include:
a) Bacteria filtration efficiency is 95% and above.
b) Particles filtration efficiency is 30% and above.

Ordinary medical mask is also known as disposal face mask. It is not required to have fluid resistance effect. The filtration efficiency requirements for bacteria and particles are lower than the medical surgical mask. Caters for general protection for medical, manufacturing, food, beauty or cleaning sectors, public occasions, etc.

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