ZhongFu Children Disposal Face Mask

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Children Disposable Face Mask 10 pcs


1) Bacteria filtration >95%
2) Particles filtration
3) For general protection
4) High quality for better protection
5) Breathable & comfortable
6) 3-ply mask, with ear loop, non woven
7) Single use only
8) 10 pieces per pack
9) Convenient pack
10) Mask size: 160 x 85 mm


YY/T0969-2013 ordinary medical mask standard. Ordinary medical mask is also known as disposal face mask.

Caters for general protection for social distancing or quarantine, public occasions, etc. Provides a physical barrier to prevent direct penetration of harmful substances like microorganisms, fluids, particulate matters.

10 pieces pack is handy for keeping in bags.

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