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Strengthening body and immune systems and, protect yourself and loved ones against harmful bacteria are vital to stay healthy and strong.

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Products featured are from house brands and trusted brands.

Let’s Fight Covid-19 Or Other Epidemic & Pandemic Together!

Epidemic or pandemic are insensitive to race, gender, religion, politics, rich or poor, young or old. We must be determined to fight against Covid-19 for the survival of mankind.


Head to toe protections ranging from ordinary to professional use, and with enhanced features.

Surgical Filter Mask

Surgical Filter Mask

Made with Silverloy’s Antimicrobial Technology, patented in US, Japan, Germany and China.

  • Physical Ag antibacterial cloth kills 99.99% of bacteria & prevents bacteria from breeding
  • Dust protection PM 2.5
  • 4-ply with ear loop, non woven

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Supplement, Topical

Gout &/or uric acid, bone, joint, muscle, skin, immune system, multi-discipline supplements, and related topical applications.

Personal Hygiene, Skin Care, First Aid

Pantyliner, sanitary pad, skin care, insole, first aid with enhanced features, made with antibacterial patented technology.

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